Spells are special powers of great potential the player can cast with no relation to situation on the level. Spells have recharge rates independent of each other and, in most cases, can be upgraded to increase effectiveness.

Kingdom Rush

Pedia special Call ReinforcementsCall Reinforcements Pedia special Rain of FireRain of Fire LightningboltLightning Bolt Icon GnomeGnome Shop

Lightning is only available in the Premium Package of Kingdom Rush in Flash. Gnome Shop is only available on Mobile, in order to make up for the lack of Premium Content

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

HintSqr RenforceKRFCall Reinforcements HintSqr RainFireKRFRain of Fire Icon GnomeGnome Shop

Kingdom Rush: Origins

KRO Spells CallReinforcementsCall Reinforcements KRO Spells StrikeofThunderThunderbolt KRO Spells HeroSpellHero Spell Icon GnomeGnome Shop

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