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This page contains a list of levels in Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.

Kingdom Rush


These levels are part of the original release of the game. They do not require the Premium Content (on the Flash version), and must be unlocked one after each other.


These levels require the Premium Content to play (on the Flash version), and are all unlocked when The Dark Tower is beaten. Four of the levels are part of mini-campaigns, and unlock new levels after they have been beaten.

Curse of Castle Blackburn

This is a four-stage elite mini-campaign exclusive to the Steam version, unlocked by finishing The Dark Tower.


Endless mode is unlocked by finishing The Citadel.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers


These levels are all unlocked when Emberspike Depths is beaten. Again, some levels are unlocked as part of mini-campaigns.


Endless is unlocked by finishing Nazeru's Gates

Kingdom Rush: Origins

Kingdom Rush (Levels)
Rush Logo
SouthportThe FarmlandsPagrasTwin RiversSilveroak ForestThe CitadelColdstep MinesIcewind PassStormcloud TempleThe WastesForsaken ValleyThe Dark Tower
Fungal Forest
Rotten ForestFungal Forest
Rise of the Bandits
HushwoodBandit's Lair
Winter Storm
Glacial HeightsHa'Kraj Plateau
Burning Torment
Pit of FirePandaemonium
Stand Alone
Sarelgaz's LairRuins of Acaroth
Curse of Castle Blackburn
RotwickAncient NecropolisNightfang SwaleCastle Blackburn
Rage Valley
Kingdom Rush: Frontiers (Levels)
Frontiers Logo
HammerholdSandhawk HamletSape OasisDunes of DespairBuccaneer's DenNazeru's GatesCrimson ValleySnapvine BridgeLost Jungle

Ma'qwa UrquTemple of SaqraThe UnderpassBeresad's LairThe Dark DescentEmberspike Depths

Rising Tides
Port TortugaStorm AtollThe Sunken Citadel
BonesburgDesecrated GroveDusk Chateau
Stand Alone
Darlight Depths
Ruins of Nas'De
Kingdom Rush: Origins (Levels)
KRO Logo
Grey RavensThe High CrossWaterfall TrailsRedwood StandRoyal GardensGryphon PointRockhengeGrimmsburgThe Crystal LakeNeverwonderThe Unseelie CourtThe AscentArcane QuartersMactans' RetreatShrine of Elynie

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