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This page contains a list of levels in Kingdom RushKingdom Rush: Frontiers and Kingdom Rush: Origins.

Kingdom Rush

Main Campaign

These levels are part of the original release of the game. They do not require the Premium Content (on the Flash version), and must be unlocked one after each other.

MiniLevel 0001 Southport
MiniLevel 0002 Outskirts
The Farmlands
MiniLevel 0003 Pagras
MiniLevel 0004 TwinRiver
Twin Rivers
MiniLevel 0005 Silveroak
Silveroak Forest
MiniLevel 0006 Citadel
The Citadel
MiniLevel 0007 Coldstep
Coldstep Mines
MiniLevel 0008 Icewind
Icewind Pass
MiniLevel 0009 Stormcloud
Stormcloud Temple
MiniLevel 0010 TheWastes
The Wastes
MiniLevel 0011 Forsaken
Forsaken Valley
MiniLevel 0012 DarkTower
The Dark Tower


These levels require the Premium Content to play (on the Flash version), and are all unlocked when The Dark Tower is beaten. Five of the levels are part of mini-campaigns, and unlock new levels after they have been beaten.

MiniLevel 0013 Sarelgaz
Sarelgaz's Lair
MiniLevel 0014 Acaroth
Ruins of Acaroth
MiniLevel 0015 Rotten
Rotten Forest
MiniLevel 0017 Hushwood
MiniLevel 0018 Bandits
Bandit's Lair
(Beat Hushwood)
MiniLevel 0019 Glacial
Glacial Heights
MiniLevel 0020 Hakraj
Ha'Kraj Plateau
(Beat Glacial Heights)
MiniLevel 0021 PitFire
Pit of Fire
MiniLevel 0022 Pandaemon
(Beat Pit of Fire)
MiniLevel 0016 Fungal
Fungal Forest
(Beat Rotten Forest)
MiniLevel SM01 Rotwick
MiniLevel SM02 Ancient Necropolis
Ancient Necropolis
(Beat Rotwick)
MiniLevel SM03 Nightfang Swale
Nightfang Swale
(Beat Ancient Necropolis)
MiniLevel SM04 Castle Blackburn
Castle Blackburn
(Beat Nightfang Swale)


MiniLevel 0023 RageValley
Rage Valley
(Beat The Citadel)

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Main Campaign

These levels are part of the original release of the game and must be unlocked one after each other.

MiniLevel 0001 Hammerhold
MiniLevel 0002 Sandhawk
Sandhawk Hamlet
MiniLevel 0003 SapeOasis
Sape Oasis
MiniLevel 0004 DunesDespair
Dunes of Despair
MiniLevel 0005 Bucaneer
Buccaneer's Den
MiniLevel 0006 Nazeru
Nazeru's Gates
MiniLevel 0007 Crimson
Crimson Valley
MiniLevel 0008 Snapvine
Snapvine Bridge
MiniLevel 0009 LostJungle
Lost Jungle
MiniLevel 0010 Maqwa
Ma'qwa Urqu
MiniLevel 0011 Saqra
Temple of Saqra
MiniLevel 0012 Underpass
The Underpass
MiniLevel 0013 Beresad
Beresad's Lair
MiniLevel 0014 DarkDescent
The Dark Descent
MiniLevel 0015 Emberspike
Emberspike Depths


These levels are all unlocked when Emberspike Depths is beaten. Again, some levels are unlocked as part of mini-campaigns.

MiniLevel 0016 Tortuga
Port Tortuga
MiniLevel 0017 StormAtoll
Storm Atoll
(Beat Port Tortuga)
MiniLevel 0018 SunkenCit
The Sunken Citadel
(Beat Storm Atoll)
MiniLevel 0019 Bonesburg
MiniLevel 0020 DesGrove
Desecrated Grove
(Beat Bonesburg)
MiniLevel 0021 Cheatau
Dusk Chateau
(Beat Desecrated Grove)
MiniLevel 0022 Darlight
Darklight Depths


MiniLevel 0023 Nasde
Ruins of Nas'de
(Beat Nazeru's Gates)
MiniLevel TempEthEvl
Temple of Ethereal Evil
(Beat Temple of Saqra)

Kingdom Rush: Origins

Main Campaign

These levels are part of the original release of the game and must be unlocked one after each other.

MiniLevel 0001 Ravens
Grey Ravens
MiniLevel 0002 HighCross
The High Cross
MiniLevel 0003 Waterfalls
Waterfall Trails
MiniLevel 0004 Redwood
Redwood Stand
MiniLevel 0005 RoyalGardens
Royal Gardens
MiniLevel 0006 Gryphon
Gryphon Point
MiniLevel 0007 Rockhenge
MiniLevel 0008 Grimmsburg
MiniLevel 0009 CrystalLake
The Crystal Lake
MiniLevel 0010 Neverwonder
MiniLevel 0011 Unseelie
The Unseelie Court
MiniLevel 0012 Ascent
The Ascent
MiniLevel 0013 Arcane
Arcane Quarters
MiniLevel 0014 Retreat
Mactans' Retreat
MiniLevel 0015 Shrine
Shrine of Elynie


These levels are all unlocked when Shrine of Elynie is beaten. Again, some levels are unlocked as part of mini-campaigns.

Mini Galadrian
Galadrian's Wall
Mini Quarry
Blood Quarry
(Beat Galadrian's Wall)
Mini Seat
Beheader's Seat
(Beat Blood Quarry)
MiniLevel DuskwoodOutpost
Duskwood Outpost
MiniLevel DuredhelOutskirts
Duredhel Outskirts
(Beat Duskwood Outpost)
MiniLevel DwaramanGate
Dwaraman Gates
MiniLevel TaintedPit
Tainted Pit
(Beat Dwaraman Gates)


MiniLevel Endless Valors Rest
Valor's Rest
(Beat Gryphon Point)
MiniLevel E Twi
Twilight Invasion
(Beat Shrine of Elynie)
Kingdom Rush (Levels)
Rush Logo
SouthportThe FarmlandsPagrasTwin RiversSilveroak ForestThe CitadelColdstep MinesIcewind PassStormcloud TempleThe WastesForsaken ValleyThe Dark Tower
Fungal Forest
Rotten ForestFungal Forest
Rise of the Bandits
HushwoodBandit's Lair
Winter Storm
Glacial HeightsHa'Kraj Plateau
Burning Torment
Pit of FirePandaemonium
Stand Alone
Sarelgaz's LairRuins of Acaroth
Curse of Castle Blackburn
RotwickAncient NecropolisNightfang SwaleCastle Blackburn
Rage Valley
Kingdom Rush: Frontiers (Levels)
Frontiers Logo
HammerholdSandhawk HamletSape OasisDunes of DespairBuccaneer's DenNazeru's GatesCrimson ValleySnapvine BridgeLost Jungle

Ma'qwa UrquTemple of SaqraThe UnderpassBeresad's LairThe Dark DescentEmberspike Depths

Rising Tides
Port TortugaStorm AtollThe Sunken Citadel
BonesburgDesecrated GroveDusk Chateau
Stand Alone
Darklight Depths
Ruins of Nas'DeTemple of Ethereal Evil
Kingdom Rush: Origins (Levels)
KRO Logo
Grey RavensThe High CrossWaterfall TrailsRedwood StandRoyal GardensGryphon PointRockhengeGrimmsburgThe Crystal LakeNeverwonderThe Unseelie CourtThe AscentArcane QuartersMactans' RetreatShrine of Elynie
Hulking Rage
Galadrian's WallBlood QuarryBeheader's Seat
Bittering Rancor
Duskwood OutpostDuredhel Outskirts
Forgotten Treasures
Dwaraman GatesTainted Pit
Valor's RestTwilight Invasion

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