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Heroes are special units in Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, introduced on the 25th of April 2012.
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The original six heroes, from left to right: Gerald Lightseeker, Alleria Swiftwind, Ignus, Malik Hammerfury, Magnus Spellbane, and Bolin Farslayer.


Ironhide Studios first revealed three heroes, Gerald Lightseeker, Malik Hammerfury and Alleria Swiftwind on 8th February, 2012; 14th February, 2012 and 19th March, 2012 respectively.

After announcement, many players believed the heroes seem to be based on certain advanced towers: the Holy Order, Barbarian Mead Hall and Rangers Hideout respectively. Rumor says that heroes for the six other advanced towers will come soon.

Others have speculated that since in images, the heroes have always appeared next to a Melee Tower, that they are a special soldier-type unit.

On April 5, 2012, a retina display screenshot taken from the new iPad shows a new mage hero (presumed to be based on the Arcane Wizard), and reveals features such as a health bar, a level system, and an experience bar.


On April 25, 2012, Ironhide Studios released the Heroes update to both PC and iOS devices, starting with a 66% discount on heroes the following day before the Rotten Forest update for iOS devices.



Hero movement is controlled with the finger/mouse. You can either tap/click the hero directly, then tap/click where you would like to move him, or tap/click his icon, then direct him to any path. While the hero cannot stand off the path, he can run through different areas to make where he is going a faster route. Each hero moves differently, depending on their speed stats.

By killing enemies and using ablities, heroes can level up, thereby gaining stat upgrades and better skills.

Heroes are immune to instant-kill abilities of regular enemies (Executioners and Saurian Blazefangs). Instant kills of bosses (Sarelgaz, Nazeru,...) and of terrain features (Snapvines) still affect them normally.

Kingdom Rush

The 12 heroes are:

The first six ones are based on the six upgrade paths; Gerald is for Barracks, Alleria is for Archers, Magnus is for Mages, Bolin is for Artillery, Ignus is for Meteor Shower, and Malik is for Reinforcements.

On the Flash version, Heroes are activated by paying 15 stars at the Hero Room on the World Map. Only the first heroes are free, the others must be unlocked to be useable: by purchasing the Premium Content (Flash version) or by purchasing them as in-app purchases (iOS/Android versions):

  • Bolin: $0.99
  • Magnus and Ignus: $2.99
  • Denas, Elora, Ingvar, Hacksaw, Oni, Thor: $4.99

In original KR, level ups do not carry over between levels - once you finish a level, the hero is reset to level one. If a hero dies, he respawns after 15 seconds in the exact location where he died (except for Ignus who has a respawn time of 12 seconds and Oni who has a respawn time of 18 seconds).

Each hero has two skills, unlocked at levels 2 and 4 consecutively. As they gain higher levels, heroes will increase in health, attack, and for some, armor. Skill power/duration is also increased.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

In Frontiers, there are 15 primary heroes:

Unlike in the original game, however, they have persistent stats, meaning you can slowly upgrade them over time (similar to the skill/tech tree that contained long-term bonuses that you can unlock in the first KR).

The skill system for heroes is revamped in Frontiers. The most significant change is that now hero level ups are permanent instead of temporary like in the original game. Each level up gives the hero three hero points which can be used to upgrade the hero's skills much like stars for towers. Each hero has five primary (levellable) skills; some of them can also have an innate secondary one. Upgrades only directly affect skills - stats generally cannot be upgraded.

Only Alric is useable from the start. Mirage, Cronan and Bruxa must be unlocked by beating Sape Oasis, Nazeru's Gates and Snapvine Bridge, respectively. Other heroes must be unlocked via in-app purchases:

  • Nivus, Dierdre, Captain Blackthorne: $2.99
  • Grawl, Sha'tra, Karkinos, Kutsao, Dante: $4.99
  • Kahz, Ashbite, Bonehart: $6.99

In addition to these 15 heroes, three stages also feature heroes exclusive to that stage: Rurin Longbeard (The Dark Descent), The Black Corsair (Storm Atoll) and Lucrezia (Dusk Chateau). These heroes are used alongside the primary one in all three modes, always start at level 10 and have static stats and skills.

Related Achievements

Kingdom Rush

Champion of Linirea CHAMPION OF LINIREA Train a hero up to level 5.

10 LEGEND OF LINIREA Train a hero up to max level.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

7hero HERO OF THE DAY Level up any hero to level 5.

8waitforit LEGEND (WAIT FOR IT) DARY Level up any hero to max level.

9sand SAND WARRIOR Complete a desert stage without the hero dying.

10tarzan TARZAN BOY Complete a jungle stage without the hero dying.

11cave CAVEMAN Complete an underground stage without the hero dying.

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