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The six original heroes, from left to right: Gerald Lightseeker, Alleria Swiftwind, Ignus, Malik Hammerfury, Magnus Spellbane, and Bolin Farslayer.
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Heroes are special units in Kingdom Rush. It is unknown whether they will be in Kingdom Rush: The Sequel.


There are seven heroes, and possibly two more unknown heroes. The seven known ones are Gerald Lightseeker, Malik Hammerfury, Ignus, Magnus Spellbane, Bolin Farslayer, Alleria Swiftwind and King Denas are based on the six upgrade paths (except Denas); Gerald is for Barracks, Alleria is for Archers, Magnus is for Magicians, Bolin is for Artillery, Ignus is for Meteor Shower, and Malik is for Reinforcements.

Heroes are activated by paying 15 stars at the Hero Room on the World Map. In the iOS version, Bolin, Magnus and Ignus must be purchased for $0.99 each before they become useable.

Hero movement is controlled with the finger/mouse. You can either tap/click the hero directly, then tap/click where you would like to move him, or tap/click his icon, then direct him to any path. While the hero cannot stand off the path, he can run through different areas to make where he is going a faster route. Each hero moves differently, as you can tell by their speed stats.

By killing enemies, heroes can level up, thereby gaining stat upgrades and other goodies. Level ups do not carry over between levels - once you finish a level, the hero is reset to level one. If a hero dies, he respawns after a set amount of time, currently 30 seconds.

Each hero has two skills, unlocked at levels 2 and 4 consecutively. As they gain high levels, the heroes will increase in health, attack, and for some, armor. Skill power/duration is also increased.

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