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Campaign is the main storyline mode of Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers and Kingdom Rush: Origins.


The player starts with 20 lives, and has to withstand a number of enemy waves based on the level. When the level is completed, stars will be awarded depending on the number of lives left:

  • 18+ lives: 3 stars
  • 6-17 lives: 2 stars
  • 1-5 lives: 1 star


The main storyline consists of 12 (Kingdom Rush) or 15 (Kingdom Rush: Frontiers and Kingdom Rush: Origins) levels. Only the first levels (Southport, Hammerhold and Gray Ravens) are initially available; the other levels must be unlocked one by one by finishing the previous level. When the final level of the main campaign (The Dark Tower, Emberspike Depths and Shrine of Elynie) is beaten, the Elite levels become accessible (some of which are not available on every game platform). Elite levels might be independent (unlocked immediately after the final level is beaten) or organised into mini-campaigns (must be unlocked one by one like the main campaign):

Related achievements

Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Achievement Great Defender GREAT DEFENDER Complete all Campaign stages in Normal difficulty.

Ach SuprDefend SUPREME DEFENDER Complete the campaign in Hard/Veteran difficulty.

Kingdom Rush: Origins

OrAchP5 13GDefn GREAT DEFENDER Complete the Campaign on Normal difficulty.

OrAchP6 2Suprm SUPREME DEFENDER Complete the Campaign on Veteran difficulty.

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