Bunnies are special enemies that only appear in the Unseelie Court. They do not have an encyclopedia entry.


Bunnies used to be regular enemies that were polymorphed by the mischievous gnomes that inhabit the Gnome Garden. They are slow, weak and incapable of fighting, but are unblockable and give less gold than before their transformation.

Bunnies only spawn normally in Iron Challenge mode. They come in huge numbers, but since Druids are not disabled in this mode, they can easily be dealt with by a single Arch-Druid Henge or Weirdwood.



  • At the start of the Unseelie Court Iron Challenge, bunnies come in tight groups (alongside Twilight Scourgers), which Stone Circles - Menhir Circles can deal with fairly easily but later they come separated so use the archer towers (also available) and more Arch - Druid Henges thanks to the faster rate of fire compared to the Weirdwood but still use lots of archers and your Hero unit to defeat the bunnies.