Cost 150
HP 125
Damage 15-30
Armor Rating None
Limit 3 (shared with Corsairs)
Buccaneers are mercenary pirates that can be hired in the SCUMM Bars in Buccaneer's Den and Snapvine Bridge. They are replaced by Boatswains in Port Tortuga.


These scurvy dogs love their grog, and only share it by setting it on fire and throwing it.

Buccaneers have a unique way of fighting that allows them to show up to battle raging drunk. By spitting mouthfuls of grog on their enemies and lighting the contents on fire as they do so, they are effectively human flamethrowers capable of setting their foes ablaze. Buccaneers are more fragile than Corsairs, but make up with it with their ability to fight from range, making them easier to protect with soldiers and reinforcements, and are usually the better option, except when you're short on gold.


  • Even though they attack with molotov cocktails instead of kinetic weapons, their attacks still do physical damage (affected by armour) instead of fire damage.


  • Due to their low health compared to their cost, Buccaneers should be well-protected from harm by soldiers, reinforcements or Corsairs.
  • Keep them away from Executioners and Snapvines, as they can effectively waste the gold spent on them.

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