Bolverk is a secondary hero in Kingdom Rush: Origins, available only in Tainted Pit, the final level of the Forgotten Treasures mini-campaign.


  • Battle Cry: Increases damage dealt to enemies in range
  • Twin Axes: Deals considerable damage to a single target.

Tips and Tricks


  • Players like me should be left alone
  • Last of the Varl berserks.. Rawr!
  • Time to meet the berserker!
  • I'm not a giant, I am a Varl!
  • (death) Ravens feast on death.

Related achievements

Ach BanSaga THE BANNER SAGA Have Bolverk kill 100 enemies


  • Bolverk is based on a character of the same name, from the game The Banner Saga by Stoic Studio.
  • The cameo came about as a result of gaming website Gamezebo's 10 Best iPad Games of 2014, which saw both Kingdom Rush: Origins come up alongside The Banner Saga. After exchanging compliments and admiration on twitter, a subtle hint from Gamezebo "what's it going to take to get Varls in Kingom Rush 4?" resulted in Bolverk making an appearance.


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