Cost 130
HP 600
Damage 20-40
Limit 3 (Shared with corsairs)
Boatswains are burly, moustached scurvy dogs that can be bought from the SCUMM Bar in Port Tortuga. They wield anchors, and can really hold their ground while dealing max ownage on the battlefield.


It is advised to recruit 3 Boatswains at a point in the stage, when your main defense has been set up. Their huge health bar, along with a little rally micro, ensures that they will survive throughout the stage, even when facing the toughest of foes, i.e. Blacksurges and Redspines, and when bombed by the Gunboats, allow them to stave off foes that breach through your middle chokepoints, and block those that come in the uppermost path.

It is not recommended to recruit Corsairs in place of Boatswains, due to the existence of Gunboats, since Corsairs die easily from the cannons. It is more efficient to save up for the heavier men.


  • Ayyye! Salty, matey!
  • Yoh, hoh hohhh!

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