Bluegales are serpentine-humanoid blue Deep Devil wizards with a face of tentacles. They possess the highest magic resistance (100%) of any enemy in the series.


Commanders of the Deep Devils, they unleash storms to aid their brethren.

Bluegales have a fairly powerful ranged attack and the ability to call storms, dealing damage over time to soldiers, regenerating themselves, obscuring vision and preventing you from selecting, upgrading towers and moving rally points. They are also the only enemy in the series with complete magic immunity, forcing you to use Archers or Artillery, which are useless against the Bloodshells. Their sluggish speed compared to Greenfins and Deviltides allows them to be shielded from damage much like Saurian Savants, giving them free reign to nuke your soldiers and towers: Skeletons are hit particularly hard due to their high numbers and low health making them vulnerable to area attacks.


  • High-level soldiers are very useful against Bluegales: Assassins are invisible until engaged in combat, nullifying the Bluegales' range advantage, while Templars are durable enough to reduce the Bluegales to a crawl, as they cannot be quickly killed by the storm and ranged attacks.
  • The Bluegales' storms not only obscure your vision and damage your units underneath it, but also heal themselves and their brethren by 5-10 life per second, so dispose of them before other enemies get into their storms.

Related Achievements

13storm PERFECT STORM Kill 3 Bluegales while under a storm.



  • The Bluegale's face and upper torso resemble a star-spawn of Cthulhu, an octopoid creature that first appears in H.P. Lovecraft's short story The Call of Cthulhu (1926).
  • Bluegale is the only ranged attacking enemy that deals more damage in melee than in range.

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