Bloodsydian Stone

Bloodsydian is a red crystal mined by slaves for the Gnoll and Ogre armies of the Howling Moors in Kingdom Rush: Origins. Its main purpose is to transform the typical weak Gnoll Reavers, Gnoll Burners, and Gnoll Gnawers into the faster, more powerful Blood Gnolls, which is done by the magic of Blood Ogres.


The Bloodsydian stones are much like the Sorcerer's Stone found in the First Elven City, however these blood-red gems are designed to aid the enemy forces instead of your own. They activate of their own accord, applying different effects to passing units.

Sometimes the stones have the reverse effect of that intended, hurting the enemy and providing an advantage to you.

  • Heals your nearby units instead of enemies
  • Teleports enemy units back up the path
  • Instantly kills all kinds of Gnolls nearby


  • Bloodsydian is a portmanteau of "blood" and "obsidian," the latter of which is an igneous rock.


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