Bloodshells are a giant crab-like Deep Devil, encountered in the Rising Tides mini-campaign. They have the highest physical armour of any enemy in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Formidable warriors, their steel-like spiked carapace renders them invulnerable!

Bloodshells lack the unstoppable power of Saurian Brutes - they do not kill as quickly, nor do they have so much health. Rather, their ability is to shrug off almost all kinds of damage: Artillery is absolutely harmless to them, while their Great physical armour renders archers and barracks able to do little more than scratching these hulking monstrosities. Even a fully upgraded Rain of Fire can't kill them. Basically, Bloodshells can be considered a stronger Dark Slayer that forces you to use Wizard Towers or Archmage Towers, which are useless against the Bluegales.


  • Archmage Towers are the key to quickly getting rid of many Bloodshells, thanks to their high magical damage output. Their Twister spell is also capable of slowing the crabs down.
  • To block them, use a ton of skeletal minions, strong melee heroes like Alric, Grawl, Kutsao, Assassins with high level Dodge, or Templars with high level Toughness. If you are using the latter two, note that both have a True Damage skill that can damage Bloodshells. In the case of Assassins, make use of the instant kill chance of their Sneak Attack to get rid of Bloodshells quickly.
  • If possible, dispose of them with instant kills such as Sha'tra's Abduction.
    • Bear in mind that their immunity to artillery renders their undersides completely Drill-Proof! Said immunity is absent in the Steam version.
  • Use the Shrine of Regnos to clear grouped enemies around it so Archmage Tower's can hit them rather than a weaker enemy.



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