Bloodshells are a giant crab-like Deep Devil, encountered in the Rising Tides mini-campaign. They have the highest physical armor of any enemy in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Formidable warriors, their steel-like spiked carapace renders them invulnerable!

Bloodshells lack the unstoppable power of Saurian Brutes - they do not kill as quickly, nor do they have so much health. Rather, their ability is to shrug off almost all kinds of damage: Artillery is absolutely harmless to them, while their Great physical armor renders archers and barracks able to do little more than scratching these hulking monstrosities. Even a fully upgraded Rain of Fire can't kill them. Basically, Bloodshells can be considered a stronger Dark Slayer that forces you to use Wizard Towers or Archmage Towers, which are useless against the Bluegales.


  • Archmage Towers are the key to quickly getting rid of many Bloodshells, thanks to their high magical damage output. Their Twister spell is also capable of slowing the crabs down.
  • To block them, use a ton of skeletal minions, strong melee heroes like Alric, Grawl, Kutsao, Assassins with high-level Dodge, or Templars with high-level Toughness. If you are using the latter two, note that both have a True Damage skill that can damage Bloodshells. In the case of Assassins, make use of the instant kill chance of their Sneak Attack to get rid of Bloodshells quickly.
  • If possible, dispose of them with instant kills such as Sha'tra's Abduction.
    • Bear in mind that their immunity to artillery renders their undersides completely Drill-Proof! Said immunity is absent in the Steam version.
  • Use the Shrine of Regnos to clear grouped enemies around it so Archmage Tower's can hit them rather than a weaker enemy.



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