Blood Tricksters are savage shamans encountered in the jungle stages of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. They have the ability to raise corpses of other savages as Savage Zombies.


These deceivers deal in black magic, reanimating fallen tribesmen.

Blood Tricksters are usually found in the back rows, covered by other savages, allowing them to be shielded from towers while providing them with a healthy supply of fresh corpses. The zombies move fairly slowly, but hit hard and do not give gold, making them even more obnoxious.

Blood Tricksters cannot raise zombies from corpses which have already been shattered by a Dwarven Bombard or Grawl, claimed by Necromancer Towers, turned into confetti by Nivus, eaten by Ashbite or abducted by Sha'tra.


  • Blood Tricksters are high priority targets. Taking them down early will save a lot of firepower for your towers.
  • As Blood Tricksters will use ranged attacks, place Barracks and Reinforcements just on the edge of their range and use them as cannon fodder to distract them, drawing them away from the bulk of the battle. 
  • Blood Tricksters will not summon if they are under direct attack. In a similar vein as the above, one may position reinforcements such that they're likely to engage the Trickster. This allows the bulk of the swarm the Trickster surrounds themselves with to get killed off. If an NPC dies, the Trickster has a short amount of time to summon them from the dead. If they are distracted dead NPC's will stay dead. This is an excellent way of reducing the undead they can summon. 
  • The Tribal Axethrowers can be used to temporarily disable the undead summoning
  • All Dwarven towers are highly effective, as enemies killed with artillery are destroyed and unable to be resurrected. 
  • Be wary of using Rain of Fire. Enemies killed instantly by the meteors will be resurrected as Zombies, even if the Blood Trickster was the main target. Having the Scorched Earth and Blazing Earth upgrades will help, as the zombies will be steadily damaged as they walk over the burnt ground.


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