Blood Ogres are Ogre warlocks wielding the power of Bloodsydian corruption.


Warlocks that wield the power of the Bloodsydian, spreading corruption through the realm.

Blood Ogres are one of the most dangerous enemies in the Hulking Rage mini-campaign. Outside of being quite durable, they have the ability to spread Bloodsydian corruption to their gnoll underlings, mutating the weak Gnoll Reavers, Gnoll Burners and Gnoll Gnawers into the much more formidable and dangerous Blood Gnolls. The Blood Gnolls' relatively high HP for a basic enemy makes Druids - the main counter to large groups - ineffective, which, combined with the low bounty of the Hulking Rage enemies, means that a group of Blood Ogres can easily overwhelm your defences if left unchecked.


  • As with all other big, beefy enemies, instant kills are a good way to get rid of Blood Ogres.
  • Blood Ogres are much less of a threat if unable to spread corruption:
    • A combination of Arcane Archers and Wild Magi work particularly well: Ward of Disruption silences the Blood Ogres, preventing them from using their ability, while the Arcane Archers work on the mundane Gnolls. Faustus also works well, as he can both silence the Ogres with Enervation and clear the Gnolls with Liquid Fire and Dragon Rage.
    • Blood Ogres cannot transform Gnolls if they are blocked. Use reinforcements and your hero (if applicable) to keep them busy.