Blood Gnolls are gnolls mutated by the magical ore called Bloodsydian.


Mutated by Bloodsydian magic they are far stronger and vicious than their former selves.

Blood Gnolls are mutated by Bloodsydian, making them faster, stronger and more powerful than the run-of-the-mill Gnoll Reavers, Gnoll Burners or Gnoll Gnawers. Unlike many other basic enemies, Blood Gnolls are quite hardy and can take a fair amount of damage - with 450 HP on Normal difficulty, they are much less vulnerable to Druids than, say, Twilight Harassers or Sword Spiders, however their transformation apparently make them weaker versus Mages, which deals 50% more damage against them. There's otherwise not much strategy to defeat them, other than to pound them with everything you've got.

Related Achievements

OrAch Gnollum GNOLLUM Defeat 100 Bloodsydian Gnolls.


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