This article is about the adult dragon in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. For the baby dragon in Kingdom Rush: Origins, see Young Beresad.

Beresad is a black dragon that appears in Beresad's Lair, the thirteenth level in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Beresad is initially seen sleeping at the entrance of its lair, in front of a huge hoard of gold. It cannot be attacked.

Watch the skies

The Black Dragon burning the battlefield.

Every now and then, Beresad will wake up. Immediately after that, it will take flight, breathe green fire on one of the four 'lines' of Strategic Points on the map, then return to the lair and continue sleeping. Any tower hit by the green fire is temporarily disabled.

When Beresad is busy disabling towers, it is possible to click/tap on the gold hoard to get 100 Gold. The hoard can be tapped on for as many times as possible, but the gold is only awarded at most once every time Beresad leaves.


  • Beresad cannot disable Melee Towers and the Battle-Mecha T200. It is not possible to upgrade, move the rally points or respawn the soldiers of the towers hit by the green fire, but the soldiers/mecha are themselves not affected.
  • If a tower is upgraded directly before getting burnt, it will become immune to disabling for a split second. Use your reflexes!

Dragon is Sleeping Tonight

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