03 Beheaders Seat
The ogres and their gnoll allies have retreated to the village of their cruel king, Bram the Beheader. This will be a terrible fight with no quarter, General.
This is our chance to end the ogre menace to our lands once and for all.
For the Kingdom!

Beheader's Seat is an elite stage in Kingdom Rush: Origins, the third and final one in the Hulking Rage mini-campaign. It is unlocked by beating Blood Quarry.




Wave Enemies (Cave-West) Enemies (Cave-Middle) Enemies (Cave-East) Enemies (North) Enemies (East) Income
1 Gnoll Gnawer x10
Hyena x14
340 G
2 Gnoll Burner x23 Ettin x3 325 G
3 Gnoll Reaver x18
Blood Ogre x3
Gnoll Burner x25 365 G
4 Ettin x3 Ettin x3 Hyena x15 570 G
5 Perython x10
(+ Gnoll Gnawer x10)
Perython x13
6 Gnoll Gnawer x16
Ogre Magi x4
7 Blood Gnoll x11 Blood Gnoll x6 Blood Gnoll x10 Blood Gnoll x14 Blood Gnoll x8
8 Gnoll Burner x37
Gnoll Gnawer x11
Blood Ogre x8
9 Gnoll Burner x27 Gnoll Burner x27 Gnoll Burner x20
Blood Ogre x7
10 Hyena x25
Ettin x2
Ogre Magi x3
Hyena x35
Ogre Magi x2
11 Ettin x3 Ettin x3 Ettin x6 Gnoll Gnawer x22
Blood Gnoll x10
12 Blood Ogre x4
Ogre Magi x2
Perython x21
Ogre Magi x4
13 Gnoll Burner x40 Gnoll Burner x35 Gnoll Burner x35 Gnoll Burner x35 Gnoll Burner x40
14 Ettin x6
Ogre Magi x5
Ettin x12
Ogre Magi x2
Perython x23
15 Gnoll Burner x15 Blood Ogre x3 Blood Gnoll x22
Ogre Magi x2
Gnoll Gnawer x2
Ettin x6
Blood Ogre x4
Gnoll Gnawer x15

Bram the Beheader attacks after wave 15. This is not counted as a wave.

Heroic Challenge

Iron Challenge

Wave Enemies
(Cave > West)
(Cave > Middle)
(Cave > East)
1 Gnoll Burner x?? Gnoll Reaver x?? Gnoll Burner x?? Ogre Magi x??
Ettin x??
Blood Ogre x??
Ettin x??

Related achievements

OrAch WilE WILE E. Help Wile E. capture the elusive bird.

OrAch Behead OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! Defeat Bram the Beheader.


  • The large stone statue on the left side of the map is based on the Venus of Hohle Fels, a statue carved from Mammoth tusk and the undisputed oldest piece of human prehistoric art.

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