Bats are the flying enemies encountered in the Shadowmoon mini-campaign in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Giant winged creatures made out of shadows, they stalk the night in search of prey.

Bats are relatively easy to kill but move extremely fast and can fly over soldiers. They can be very dangerous if not countered with the right towers, because they always appear in groups and have a fast speed, especially when there are ground enemies accompanying them, diverting the attention of archers and mages and allowing them to fly away unharmed.


  • Crossbow Fort with fully upgraded Barrage can kill multiple bats at once.
  • Archmage Tower's Critical Mass can wipe out a whole group of them with the explosion.
  • Because of their incredibly fast speed, Bruxa is one of the best heroes for taking them down because of her Dread Aura, which can slow down a group of Bats tremendously.


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