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Tower Bastion
Tower Type Special Tower
Build/Upgrade Cost 250
Damage 10-20
Range Short
Fire Rate Slow
Bastions are ballistae mounted on the Galadrian's Wall.


Two Bastions initially appear in Campaign mode: one is active and fully upgraded, while the other is broken and requires 250 Gold to fix. The first one does not last long, as it is torched by a Gnoll Burner in wave 5, while the other stays during all three modes.

Bastions fire razor stars that stay on the ground for a few seconds, continuing to deal damage to enemies that walk near them. This potentially allows them to deal extremely high area damage and clear foes very fast (especially when combined with a Barracks), but the first Bastion's early destruction and the second one's small coverage does limit their usefulness.

Bastions do not have a turret, meaning they can only fire in a fixed direction.


Razor Stars

Icon Bastion Sharper means deadlier.

Sharpened razor stars deal more damage each.

  • Level 1 (200 Gold): 20-30 damage
  • Level 2 (200 Gold): 30-40 damage


The intact bastion is yours for free for the first five waves, but is then inevitably destroyed by a Gnoll Burner, and so can effectively be ignored tactically; it kills a few mobs of gnolls but is gone before the Blood Ogres appear. The broken bastion costs 250 to repair and can be upgraded twice, so its full cost is 650 gold. It's best to either completely ignore it and spend the gold on other towers, or to upgrade it fully and let it provide some defence against enemies coming from the upper entrance. It's useless against Perithons, though.


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