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Pedia mob Bandit
HP 56/70/84
Damage 20-30
Armor Rating None
Magic Resistance None
Speed Medium
Lives Taken 1
Bounty 8
Abilities Can dodge melee attacks
Sprites Sprite mob Bandit boxed
Bandits are tricky enemies who hit hard and can dodge melee attacks.


Swift & agile, they can dispatch their enemies very quickly.

Bandits are versatile enemies, appearing in almost every stage of the game. While physically weak, they hit hard, and deal massive amounts of damage to soldiers. They mainly appear alongside Brigands, so preferably use magic towers to finish off these ruffians.


  • Although they have low HP, Bandits deal high damage and are difficult for soldiers to kill.
  • The Reinforcements' final upgrade, Spear Throw, is able to make shot work of bandits in small numbers. Areas where the Reinforcements can be bypassed are particularly good for this strategy as they are not forced into combat which while they can win, slows down the speed with which the bandits can be destroyed.
  • The Wizard Tower can kill bandits in one shot.


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