Bandersnatches are giant, porcupine-like creatures that roll quickly when they wrap themselves into a ball and are enemies in the Faery Forest.


Ferocious and extraordinarily fast, this frumious beast is rarely seen but always feared.

Bandersnatches are unable to be slowed. When confronting melee units, they unroll and release small AOE attacks at soldiers, dealing 40-60 damage, or punctures the ground with a larger AOE spike attack, dealing up to 100 damage.


The Bandersnatch is extremely hard to combat while rolled up, as it takes far less damage and moves incredibly fast. It is thus recommended that you put a few high level troops in front of it - Kingsguard or Dark Pact work well, or Green Warden reinforcements if using neither Prince Denas nor Vez'nan. Melee capable heroes such as Eridan and Bravebark are also capable of blocking Bandersnatches for a considerable period of time.

Alternatively, both Level 4 Barracks are capable of withstanding the Bandersnatch for enough time for it to be defeated- if they have certain upgrades: Circle of Life for Forest Keepers, and Perfect Parry for Bladesingers.

The Bandersnatch is best countered with instant kill effects, as despite its size and special abilities it is not a boss and has no immunity. This makes it vulnerable to Golden Longbows with the Crimson Sentence upgrade, and to a Wild Magus with the Eldritch Doom upgrade. The combination of a strong defender (such as the Bladesinger Hall) and an adjacent Wild Magus with Eldritch Doom will block and then detonate the beast within seconds, giving an easy kill and a large bounty. Golden Longbows with Crimson Sentence can kill it as it rolls or when blocked if not distracted by too many other targets.

Related Achievements

OrAchP2 10Vorpal VORPAL BLADE Defeat 5 Bandersnatchs only by dealing them damage.



  • The "frumious Bandersnatch" appears in the poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll, within the novel Through the Looking-Glass. "Frumious" is defined there as a portmanteau word signifying "Fuming and Furious". A Bandersnatch also appears in The Hunting of the Snark, where it snaps at the Banker with its "frumious jaws". See wikipedia entry (external link): [1]