The Awok Hut is a special barracks tower that appears in Redwood Stand, the Fourth level of Kingdom Rush: Origins. It trains up to four Awok warriors that will join you for 100 gold each. Being Mercenaries, they must be repurchased if they die at any point, which means they would have no respawn time.


This building was once a training hall for Awok Warriors.


Purchasing mercenaries at this special tower is generally a bad investment due to the high cost, negligible damage, and low durability of the Awoks. If you do pay the gold to obtain one of these warriors, watch out for Gnoll Blighters as their ranged attack can kill the Awoks with frightening ease. They do however have a ranged attack that will absolutely wreck Hyenas and Perythons.


  • Geezmo
  • Gummy
  • Jerky
  • Mowai
  • Treek
  • Yummy


  • Melonga!
  • Danga!'


  • The Awok are based; both in name and appearance; on the "Ewoks" from Star Wars.

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