"Dodge this!"

The Archer Tower is a Level 1 Ranged Tower. It shoots arrows into enemies, dealing physical damage. The tower is the same in both Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, with only a change in appearance.


Archers ready to strike at your enemies from a distance.

These trainee archers fire a slow but constant stream of arrows into enemy forces. They deal low damage, but their fire rate is still relatively high, and they can attack both air and ground units.

Archers can be upgraded to Marksmen Tower at Level 2.


Building Costs (without additional upgrades)

  • Level 1 build cost: 70
  • Level 2 upgrade cost: 110
  • Level 3 upgrade cost: 160
  • Level 4 upgrade cost: 230
  • Total cost: 570

Strong Against

Due to their low damage, unupgraded archers are only effective against unarmoured foes with low health, like Goblins, Shamans or Giant Spiders.

Weak Against

Level 1 archers are ineffective against pretty much everything else. In later stages, you should upgrade them as soon as you build them, usually to at least level 2 or 3. As you can gain a great amount of gold in harder stages, it is possible and recommended to upgrade one Archer Tower straight to level 4, where they play a significantly more effective supporting role.

Related Upgrades

Kingdom Rush

  • Salvage: When sold, archer towers return 90% of their cost.
  • Eagle Eye: Increases archer attack range.
  • Piercing Shots: ignore a portion of an enemy's physical armor.
  • Far Shot: Increase archer attack range again.
  • Precision: Archers have a chance of dealing double damage.


  • Steady Hand: Increases marksman attack range.
  • Lumbermill Reduces basic archer construction costs.
  • Focused Aim Increases marksman attack damage.
  • Accuracy Increases marksman attack damage and range.
  • Twin Shot Marksmen have a chance of shooting two projectiles at the same time.

Related Achievements



  • Archers ready!
  • Bulls-eye!
  • Dodge this!