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Wit beyond measure!
The Arcanist Dais is the level 2 Mage Tower in Kingdom Rush: Origins. It replaces the Adept Tower from the previous games.


"Arcanist mages cast highly concentrated magic bolts with a longer spell reach."

The tower consists of an old arcane mage, seemingly a woman, at the center of the top of a floating rock that shoots purple bolts. Her bolts more than 2 times stronger than the Mystic Dais mage.



  • Flying enemies like Gloomy is very easy to defeat using Arcanist Dais.
  • Helps ignores armor, making other towers kill them easily thanks to mages.

Related Upgrades

  • KRO Upgrade M 01 Level-1 Crystal Focus (1 star): Increases Mage attack range. (+5%)
  • KRO Upgrade M 02 Level-2 Empowered Magic (1 star): Increases Mage attack damage.
  • KRO Upgrade M 03 Level-3 Crystal Gazing (2 stars): Increases Mage attack range (+5% from Crystal Focus)
  • KRO Upgrade M 04 Level-4 Unstable Magic (2 stars): Mage attacks have a small change of dealing triple damage. (5%)
  • KRO Upgrade M 05 Level-5 Alter Reality (3 stars): Mage attacks have a chance of teleporting enemies back down the path.


  • I've got that power!
  • Wit beyond measure!
  • Time is mana!