KRO 13 ArcaneQuarters
The City and its debris float in the shape of the most dangerous stairway imaginable.
Our enemies retreat into the heart of the City while we doggedly pursue them across deadly chasms. We do not know why they have decided to go around the Arcane Council area. It might be a trap, but it is our only chance to recover some ground.
There is an ominous silence blanketing the place, as if even the birds fear awakening something...

Arcane Quarters is the thirteenth level in Kingdom Rush: Origins.




Wave Enemies (North) Enemies (South-North Teleporter) Enemies (South-South Teleporter) Enemies (Northwest) Enemies (Centre) Income
1 Twilight Avenger x1 Sword Spider x16 286
2 Twilight Scourger x6 Sword Spider x12 496
3 Twilight Harasser x10 250
4 Twilight Harasser x10 Cloud Stalker x5 325
5 Twilight Harasser x13
Twilight Evoker x3
Twilight Avenger x4
6 Spiderbrood x31 Spiderbrood x21 780
7 Twilight Avenger x2 Twilight Avenger x3 Sword Spider x7 Cloud Stalker x11 417
8 Twilight Harasser x13
Twilight Golem x1
Sword Spider x4
Spiderbrood x4
Sword Spider x12
Spiderbrood x14
9 Twilight Avenger x5 Twilight Evoker x2
Sword Spider x4
Twilight Evoker x3
Sword Spider x4
Cloud Stalker x10 753
10 Twilight Heretic x2
Twilight Harasser x10
Twilight Avenger x2
11 Sword Spider x10
Spiderbrood x15
Sword Spider x12
Spiderbrood x19
Sword Spider x13
Spiderbrood x22
12 Twilight Avenger x6
Twilight Golem x2
Twilight Scourger x5
Sword Spider x20
Spiderbrood x23
13 Cloud Stalker x20 Cloud Stalker x10 Cloud Stalker x10 Cloud Stalker x30 Cloud Stalker x36 1590
14 Twilight Avenger x8 Twilight Harasser x3
Twilight Evoker x2
Spiderbrood x19
Twilight Harasser x3
Sword Spider x10
Twilight Scourger x6
15 Spiderbrood x16
Twilight Evoker x1
Twilight Heretic x1
Twilight Scourger x2
Twilight Golem x1
Spiderbrood x16
Twilight Evoker x5
Twilight Heretic x1
Twilight Scourger x2

Heroic Challenge

Wave Enemies (North) Enemies (South-North Teleporter) Enemies (South-South Teleporter) Income
1 Spiderbrood x20 Twilight Harasser x6
Twilight Scourger x2
Twilight Evoker x4
2 Sword Spider x18 Twilight Harasser x6
Twilight Scourger x4
Twilight Evoker x2
Twilight Avenger x2
3 Twilight Scourger x2
Sword Spider x10
Spiderbrood x9
Twilight Harasser x4
Twilight Avenger x1
Twilight Golem x2
4 Twilight Scourger x6
Twilight Evoker x3
Twilight Heretic x1
Twilight Harasser x7
Twilight Avenger x3
5 Sword Spider x15 Sword Spider x20 Sword Spider x17
6 Twilight Scourger x4
Twilight Heretic x1
Twilight Evoker x2
Twilight Heretic x1
Twilight Harasser x4
Twilight Avenger x4
Twilight Golem x1

Iron Challenge

Wave Enemies (North) Enemies (South-North Teleporter) Enemies (South-South Teleporter) Income
1 Cloud Stalker x?? Spiderbrood x??
Sword Spider x??
Spiderbrood x??
Sword Spider x??


  • New Enemy!
KRO EnemyBox Cloud Stalker

Cloud Stalker

Flying magical creatures, they
lay eggs in their victims, to
spawn their offspring.

– Flying
– Average speed
– Breeds from soldiers

  • New Enemy!
KRO EnemyBox Spiderbrood


Small spiders mutated by
magic. They always come in
large numbers.

– Fast speed
– Low health
– Medium magic resistance

  • New Enemy!
KRO EnemyBox Twilight Heretic

Twilight Heretic

Warlocks corrupted by evil,
they command forces beyond

– High magic resistance
– Soul consumption
– Grip of darkness

Related Achievements

OrAchP3 3SorAp SORCERER'S APPRENTICE Find the three apprentice relics!

OrAchP3 4DnD D&D Have Beresad and Ashbite defeat 100 enemies.


  • There is a sign in the center of the far left side labeled: "SARANDI CDXXV" (CDXXV is 425 in roman numerals) or Sarandi 425. The address connects to Sarandí 425, Maldonado, Uruguay. Ironhide's first studio was at that address.
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