"Hado i philinn."

The Arcane Archers is an advanced Ranged Tower that appears in Kingdom Rush: Origins. It is first made available in the Redwood Stand


Arcane Archers shoot magical arrows that weaken their target's magic resistance.


Burst Arrows

Burst "Let's light 'em up!"

Shoots an explosive magical arrow that deals additional area magic damage.

  • Level 1 (200 Gold): 80 damage
  • Level 2 (200 Gold): 160 damage
  • Level 3 (200 Gold): 240 damage

Slumber Arrows

Slumber "Sweet dreams!"

Shoots an arrow that puts an enemy to sleep.

  • Level 1 (180 Gold): Put an enemy to sleep for 4 seconds.
  • Level 2 (180 Gold): Cooldown reduced by 4 seconds.
  • Level 3 (180 Gold): Cooldown reduced by another 4 seconds.


Arcane Archer is specialized in Crowd Control, wrecking havoc in groups of weak enemies with Burst Arrows, which actually deals True Damage contrary to the discription and catch leaks effectively with Slumber Arrows. Their most notable asset is the ability to shoot at up to two targets in range simultaneously, dealing damage while reducing the magic resistance of those enemies. Place Arcane Archer in front, near lines of Mages, so they can thin out the coming horde with their skills, leaving stronger foes for the Mages to kill.


  1. Light crowd control: The Arcane Archers can handle small numbers of enemies quite well thanks to the dual targeting system, however they fall short to Druids when larger hordes are concerned.
  2. Multi-purpose: The Arcane Archers have something up their sleeves for any kind of situations, ranging from groups of weak foes to durable, lone ones, and can handle both armor and magic resistant enemies.
  3. Inexpensive: Arcane Archers cost little money compare to their usefulness. Thus, they are good towers to build first in any stages.


  • Diluted damage: While the Arcane Archers' arrows can deal huge damage on a single target, their damage output is diluted when more than one foe is within range, limiting their capability in directly killing enemies. This weakness can be fatal, as it leaves the tower more vulnerable to being overrun.

Related Achievements

OrAchP5 1Rambo RAMBO STYLE Defeat 50 flying enemies with Burst Arrows.

OrAchP5 2Lull LULLABY! Defeat 50 sleeping enemies.



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