Arachnomancers are Twilight elf spider breeders with the ability to summon hordes of spiders to the battlefield.


Deranged twilight elves that breed and command hordes of spiders.

Arachnomancers' most notable ability is to summon four Spiderbroods, then three Sword Spiders, and from then on, only summoning two Sons of Mactans to the battlefield. While Spiderbroods aren't very strong, they are still very numerous and a lot stronger than the likes of Spider Hatchlings and Spiderlings, and a horde of them aren't particularly easy to clear. Because of this, Arachnomancers are very dangerous - their hordes of spiders can easily swarm and overrun defenses if the Arachnomancer isn't kept in check.

When an Arachnomancer dies, three more Spiderbroods emerge from his corpse.


If possible, distract them by moving soldiers into melee range in order to stop them from summoning spiders.